Furthest travelled ‘Support Mountain Rescue’ charity wristband

Long serving team member Mark Parry recently obtained a small batch of ’Support Mountain Rescue’ orange and white rubber charity wristbands, as a trial to see how they would be received by team members, prior to the team placing an order for a larger batch to sell in support of team funds. (for which we are awaiting delivery)

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE got his hands on one (Webmaster; should that be ’wrist’) and here the tale takes a bit of a twist.

On a recent holiday (Webmaster; yet another one since his retirement) with Ann in Sri Lanka, Garry ended up with a bulging wallet due to the ’large’ amount of Sri Lankan Ruppees he had in it. To hold things together so to speak, Garry used his ’Support Mountain Rescue’ to hold his bulging wallet together.

Early on in their holiday together, Garry and Ann arrived in the famous hill town of Kandy in central Sri Lanka, and paying the taxi driver, Garry got out his wallet. (webmaster; a rare occasion to see!)

The Sri Lankan taxi driver saw the wristband holding Garry’s wallet together, and immediately asked if he could swap his (somewhat faded) ’Friendship’ charity wristband for Garry’s nice and new shiny ’Support Mountain Rescue’ charity wristband.

Garry of course obliged, so if you ever happen to be in Kandy, Sri Lanka, look out for the taxi driver with the ’Support Mountain Rescue’ orange and white charity wristband around his wrist, and if you see him, you’ll know where its come from.

We wonder if this is the ’furthest travelled’ ’Support Mountain Rescue’ charity wristband?

Now when our delivery of similar wristbands takes place in the Bolton team, perhaps we have the basis of a little competition here ?