Very kind donation from Mr Andrew Calder in association with Warrington Field Club

Today we are pleased to announce the receipt of a very kind £40.00 donation to the team at the request of Mr Andrew Calder.

We understand that at a recent meeting of the Warrington Field Club, Mr Andrew Calder was their invited guest speaker.

At the conclusion of his talk to the Warrington Field Club, Mr Calder kindly requested that a donation on his behalf be sent to the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team to “Support the voluntary work carried out by Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.”

In a letter to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE from A. Jarman of Warrington Field Club accompanying this kind donation, A.Jarman stated “On behalf of the Warrington Field Club we wish to be associated with Mr Calder’s kind gesture and wish you every success in the valuable voluntary work you undertake and carry out in the area.”

The teams grateful thanks are extended to Mr Andrew Calder and the Warrington Field Club.