More news from Krisshan Jade Weedall, ‘Bolton’s youngest busker’

This week the team learned that Krisshan Jade Weedall, ’Bolton’s youngest busker’ had begun busking again in Bolton Town Centre after taking a well earned break through the winter months.

With the weather now turning milder, this Saturday saw Krisshan’s return to Bolton Town Centre, and we have learnt that all of the money she raised on Saturday is to be donated to the Bolton MRT.

Krisshan, aged eleven, of Plodder Lane, Farnworth, a pupil at Harper Green School, has been described by The Bolton News, as Bolton’s ’Youngest Busker.’ (You can see her singing via the Bolton News website, – video links, and also on You Tube)

Krisshan sings on Newport Street, within Bolton town centre, donating a large part of her ’earnings’ to charity. (Her ’spot’ is between Greggs and Greenhalghs, usually on a Saturday)

Krisshan will be visiting the team on Wednesday evening to donate the proceeds of her latest ’busk’ to the team, so check back on our website for the full story on Wednesday evening!