Very kind donation in lieu of 40th birthday gifts from Catherine Cornes

We are very pleased today to report the receipt of a wonderful total donation of £135.00 from Catherine Cornes of Horwich, in lieu of gifts for her recent 40th Birthday celebrations.

Catherine in a letter to our Team Leader accompanying this donation, stated; ” Last weekend I celebrated my 40th Birthday, and asked people instead of buying presents if they would make a donation to my chosen charities (Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and Cats Protection League – Bolton and Radcliffe Branch)
The £270.00 raised was split equally. Many thanks for the hard work you do, this world would be a better place if more people cared like you do. I wish you well and wish you a good year in 2011.”

The whole team is very grateful to Catherine Cornes for her kindness in suggesting the team as one of the two charities to benefit from her 40th Birthday, and of course to all Catherine’s friends who made donations to the team in lieu of presents at her birthday.

Finally from the team membership a belated Happy 40th Birthday Catherine.