Incident 23/2011

At 18.43hrs this evening NWAS (Manchester) Control contacted our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE directly by mobilephone, to request the teams assistance with a seriously injured 34 year old male, who had sustained leg fractures on the edge of Breightmet Golf Course, whilst apparently jumping over the stream course of Blackshaw Brook.

A full team page was made at 18.59hrs, with our first Team member, Mark Parry arriving at the RVP of the Club House, Breightmet Golf Course, at 19.20hrs, going immediately to the nearby casualty site to liaise with the NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance crew who were dealing with the injured mans two suspected fractured ankles and a suspected dislocated knee.

The man was in the company of friends and family, who then informed our members and the ambulance crew that they had actually filmed the entire accident ! (Joking it would appear on You Tube)

The man was in obvious pain, and was given Entonox gas and then pain killing drugs, with his injuries splinted.

At circa 19.53hrs the injured man was evacuated from alongside the stream and across the golf course on a mountain rescue stretcher, the short distance to the waiting NWAS Emergency Ambulance, arriving at the Ambulance at 20.00hrs, which then shortly departed for Royal Bolton Hospital.

At one stage the involvement of the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit Helicopter was considered to assist in the evacuation, but given the relatively short distance back to the Ambulance, the helicopter was subsequently stood down.

In total twenty one Bolton MRT members attended this incident with one further member stood down responding, (Two Team vehicles also attended) assisting the responding NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance crew.

The team wishes to extend its thanks to members of the Golf course who offered advice and directions as to the general location of the casualty site.