Grateful assistance for training tonight

At tonight’s training session (on the MREW Casualty Care Course syllabus), the team was kindly assisted in the delivery of training to the team members by two friends of the team.

Dave McClure, Medical Team Leader at Cheshire Search & Rescue Team and a Senior Anaesthetic Practitioner presented a session on medical gasses covering the safe and correct use of such gasses.

Also helping out tonight was Pete Whitney, husband of team member Doctor Clare Whitney and a medic in the Royal Navy. Pete delivered a session on intra-muscular injections (where team members got to practice injecting Oranges with saline), in order to prepare the team’s membership to inject potentially life-saving drugs such as Epinephrine (a.k.a. Adrenaline), or pain-relief such as Morphine, via the use of such injections.

Huge thanks to both Pete and Dave for giving up their time tonight to help with the delivery of the Casualty Care training sessions.