Incident 24/2011

This morning at 10:42 hrs, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, was contacted by a Greater Manchester Police Missing Person Search Manager regards the teams assistance in Bury concerning a missing 34 year old female, in circumstances giving GMP concern for her well being.

The area concerned lay on the border of the teams area with that of our colleagues in Rossendale and Pendle MRT, and the call was passed onto them via GMP, with an offer of assistance to RPMRT should they require such.

At 11.57hrs, Andy Simpson, Team Leader of RPMRT contacted our Team Leader requesting the assistance of the Bolton MRT to join the RPMRT response and to initiate a joint search along with GMP resources.

A full team pager call out message was sent to all the Bolton MRT membership at 12:07 hrs, with nine Bolton MRT members responding in total.

Our first member on scene, Bob Hutchinson (Our President and a former Bolton MRT Team Leader) arrived at the RVP at 12.40hrs, and was immediately tasked by Andy Simpson, Team Leader of RPMRT, to be the Party Leader of a RPMRT search party, such is the level of co-operation between our respective teams.

With the completion of the area tasked to Bob, he then joined more Bolton MRT members who had arrived at the RVP in Bury by 13:20 hrs to search jointly with the RPMRT members who had responded.

This next search stage involving our members commenced at 13:30 hrs, along the River Roch including parks and woodland in the vicinity of Goshen Sports Centre, Fletcher Fold, Bury, with all tasked search areas being completed by 16:00 hrs.

At this time with all areas tasked to Mountain Rescue completed, the search was stood down, as Police continued their enquiries to locate the missing woman.

Our team members involved returned to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by 16:45 hrs. Later this same afternoon, the team was informed that GMP Officers had located the missing woman.

The following resources were involved in this search operation:

  • Rossendale and Pendle MRT, 14x members, performing Search Control and providing search parties.
  • Bolton MRT, 9x members involved in the search, inclusive of one Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance Vehicle.
  • Greater Manchester Police, 2x Missing Person Search Managers, and members of the Tactical Aid Unit.
  • North West (Police) Underwater Search and Marine Unit.