Stretcher donation to our colleagues at Cheshire Search and Rescue Team

With the re-equipment of the teams two Troll Mountain Rescue Alpine Stretchers recently by SAR Products Alpine Lite Mountain Rescue Stretchers, (The latest generation of what started out as the Troll Stretcher) the two Troll MR alpine stretchers were recently declared surplus to the teams requirements.

This evening, team friend Malcolm Pritchard, Deputy Team Leader of Cheshire Search and Rescue Team, travelled to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to accept both stretchers from the Bolton MRT as a free donation to our close colleagues and friends at Cheshire Search and Rescue Team.

Both stretchers were formally donated and handed over to Cheshire SART by our Team Chairman Craig Lamb and Team Immediate Past Chairman Ken Oakes.

Malcolm Pritchard gratefully accepted both stretchers on behalf of Cheshire SART adding that they will add considerably to the capabilities of their team.

In addition to the stretchers we also donated to Cheshire Search and Rescue Team a large quantity of retired Low Stretch Lower Ropes, recently declared surplus to team use, and which Cheshire will use as stretcher ’drag lines,’ ’hand lines,’ and for low angle stretcher ’back up’ rope work.