Incident 28/2011

Whilst present in the Rivington area, associated with the Good Friday Rivington Pike Festivities, and with Ambulance and Police Control Rooms aware of this, at 12.05hrs we were requested by NWAS (Lancashire) and the NWAA Tasking Desk, to respond to the report of a male walker with a ’snapped ankle,’ in the White Coppice area.

The 21 Bolton MRT members present in five Team Land Rover MR Ambulances, were all able to make a joint immediate response.

As this area lies within the operational area of our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT, our Deputy Leader contacted BPMRTs Team Leader to inform him of this response, due to our closeness to the reported incident site.

We arrived at the White Coppice Cricket Club RVP at 12.17hrs, meeting the responding NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance, at which point both ourselves and the NWAS Ambulance crew were stood down, due to the North West Air Ambulance ’Helimed 72’ having been able to land next to the casualty, and being able to airlift the casualty directly to hospital.