Incident 29/2011

At the conclusion of the previous incident, a large number of our team members decided to avail themselves of the excellent catering facilities of the cafe immediately next to White Coppice Cricket Club.

You can guess the next bit, another Call Out, at 12.36hrs, this time from the NWAA Tasking Desk at NWAS (Lancashire) and then from NWAS (Manchester)
The call was back to almost where we had started from, to the report of a fallen 65 years old male in a wood by the side of the moorland track of Georges Lane, Horwich.

So we all left White Coppice heading back on an emergency ’Blue Light’ run to Horwich, to be stood down en route at 12.47hrs, with the news that Lancashire Constabulary Officers on scene, had assisted the fallen man to a waiting NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance.