Incident 32/2011

At 16.15hrs this afternoon we were paged by NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Control Centre regarding an incident in Lever Park, Rivington, requiring the teams assistance.

A 37 years old woman in the company of her two children and her mother, all from the Unsworth area of Bury, had slipped on the stony path alongside the replica of Liverpool Castle, leading down to the shore of Lower Rivington Reservoir, in Lever Park, Rivington.

Three team Land Rover MR Ambulances already mobile in the teams area were able to make an immediate response to the initial RVP of Knowle House Car Park near to the entrance to Lever Park.

A more detailed full team pager call out was made at 16.23hrs, with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE in liaison with the Airdesk and other staff at NWAS (Lancashire) ECC.

All three team Land Rovers responding, arrived at the Knowle House CP at 16.23hrs, whilst our Team Leader met up with the responding NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance in Lever Park to escort it via the Lever Park track system, to where the team had met.

As the team holds access gate keys for the locked gates and barriers in Lever Park, our team vehicles were able to access the track system, with our first team vehicle arriving at the Liverpool Castle incident site at circa 16.30hrs, where they met with the responding NWAA Helimed 72 crew, who had landed nearby at 16.22hrs and were carrying out initial casualty care.

The woman walker, had sustained a very serious lower leg fracture (and being a Nurse at Royal Bolton Hospital was quite aware of what had happened!) and was given pain killing drugs on scene and pain killing gas, whilst the Helimed crew, NWAS staff and team members splinted the woman’s injured lower leg.

By 17.00hrs the woman was stretcher evacuated the short distance to the waiting Emergency Ambulance which had parked up alongside Team Vehicles, on the track to the front of liverpool Castle.

On board the Ambulance, the woman was transported to Royal Bolton Hospital, leaving the incident scene at 17.11hrs. Helimed departed shortly afterwards, closely followed by our members and vehicles.

The mother of the injured woman, and the injured woman’s two children were then taken in our Bolton Mobile 3 vehicle directly to Royal Bolton Hospital to join the injured woman.

The following resources were utilised in this incident;

  • North West Air Ambulance, ’Helimed 72,’ from City Airport Manchester (Barton)
  • North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire) Emergency Control Centre and Airdesk, one Emergency Ambulance (Two crew) from Chorley Ambulance Station.
  • Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, Twenty team Call Out list members involved on scene, with an additional four team call Out list members stood down responding. Three team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles. (Our new vehicles, BM1 / BM2 / BM3)

(Since Wednesday 20th April 2011, this incident represents the fourth incident where we have worked alongside the North West Air Ambulance Service and the seventh incident where we have worked with the North West Ambulance Service)