Team Vehicle valeting products donation from Holt Lloyd Car Care of Trafford Park

Support Group member Iain Clarkson who works for TDG in Trafford Park have a customer Holt Lloyd who store their car care products in TDG’s warehouse.

Having had a conversation with a few Holt Lloyd employees & mentioning that he was a member of the Support Group of Bolton MRT, Iain asked whether Holt Lloyd would be willing to donate some cleaning products for when we do our monthly team vehicle and trailers valeting days. Iain was kindly put in contact with Chris May the UK Sales Director of Holt Lloyd who immediately said yes the team could have some cleaning products. Later on a free of charge order was put on for some of their valeting buckets (Which actually contain a whole host of vehicle cleaning products) & a large amount of sceen wash products.

The whole team membership wishes to extend its fullest thanks to Holt Lloyd Car Care of Trafford Park, for their very generous and very useful donation of vehicle cleaning products to the team.

We take great and very obvious pride in keeping our team vehicles and trailers as clean as possible at all times, and this kind donation will certainly go some way to help us in this respect.