A link with our very early days finds a place on the teams ‘History Wall of previous team equipment.’

Reviewing what we carry on our team vehicles, and what we have in the teams ’equipment’ store, linked to our commissioning of our new team vehicles, revealed recently some items of team equipment from our very early days.

Namely four ’Crash Rescue Axes, Aircraft for the use of,’ which represent items of equipment given to the team in its very earliest days in the late 1960’s / very early 1970’s when the team was a ’Sub Unit,’ (As with many MRTs at the time) of the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Team, RAF Stafford.

The team has on the wall of its garage at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, a small number of items of past team equipment items, illustrating to our newer members and visitors, some of the equipment we were issued with in the past.
These Crash Rescue Axes are now on show on our ’History Wall.’ (Unless that is the RAF decide after forty odd years we have to hand them back !)

Other items on display include a Rigid Thomas Mountain Rescue Stretcher and a Split Thomas Mountain Rescue Stretcher, A Neil Thomas Stretcher and old radio handset equipment.