Charity Prize Bingo Evening, with the team as the beneficiary, organised by RAOB GLE Ltd., Friendship Lodge 2488

This evening our valued and much appreciated friends at Friendship Lodge 2488 RAOB GLE Ltd, held another Charity Prize Bingo Night, at the Crown Hotel, Horwich, following similar previous very successful evenings held at the same venue by the Friendship Lodge 2488 RAOB GLE Ltd.

There follows an account of the evening by Team Support Group member Doctor Clare Whitney;

“After winning more than our share of the prizes at the bingo evening held for us last year, we were thrilled to be invited back to the Prize bingo at The Crown Hotel, Horwich, with Bolton Mountain Rescue as their chosen charity for the evening.

The first ticket passed by quietly for myself, my parents Magdalen and David Heywood, and Support Group members Teresa and Howard Gilliland. However we got into our stride again from the second game with prizes (sometime 2) for us all but my Mum! Howard went on to win the “line” prize on the flier ticket and then my Dad collected a prize in the raffle.

With some good humored banter we agreed that if we returned we wouldn’t win again, and it was announced that £100.00 had been raised from this evening and would be donated to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

The whole team would like to extend our thanks to the organisers and all those who attended for their continued support and this generous donation.”

The organisers on the evening asked if they could come along to our Base / HQ and see the new vehicles, with our Doctor Clare Whitney kindly offering to show them around on a mutually convenient date, along with other team members.

At the end of the evening, fresh from the Dedication and Blessing Evening at our Base / HQ, further team members joined with the members of the Friendship Lodge 2488 RAOB GLE Ltd, to express their personal thanks, including Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon, Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, Andy Kench, Trainee Team member Paul Copley and Trainee Team member Kris Kilshaw.

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