Team meets up with Year 5 Pupils from Lowton St Mary’s Junior School on their day out to Rivington

On the afternoon of Thursday 5th May the Team’s President , Bob Hutchinson and the Team’s Life Vice President, Tony McNally, met with a group of 24 Year 5 pupils from Lowton St Mary’s Junior School at the Lower Barn Rivington.

The Team had been contacted by children’s teacher Ms Kellie Taylor abut the possibility of visiting their school to talk to the children about the work of the Team.

During the course of the conversation it emerged that the children were planning a day’s visit to the Rivington area and it was agreed that Bob and Tony would meet the group at the Lower Barn in Rivington.

With the weather still warm and sunny the group sat around on the grass and listened to Bob and Tony talk about the work of the Team. The children had obviously been working hard on their geography topic of Hills and Mountains and had much to say and many questions to ask. The children then had an opportunity to look at BM3, one of our newly aquired vehicles and showed great interest and asked many questions.

All too soon our visit was over and the children set off on their return journey to their school.

The Team wishes to thank the staff of Lowton St Mary’s for inviting them to meet Year 5 and Bob and Tony congratulate the children on their excellent behviour during the visit.