Another fantastic donation from Gary Melia owner of The Barber Shop, 19 Deansgate, Radcliffe

We have received notice today of yet another fantastic donation from Mr Gary Melia. We originally provided Gary, who owns and runs The Barber Shop, 19 Deansgate, Radcliffe, M26 2SH, with a collecting box at his request in September 2010.

Our President, Bob Hutchinson, called recently to see Gary and ’empty’ his Team collecting box, finding it contained £35.26p. Yet again upon discovering this Gary Melia very kindly made an additional £100.00 personal donation to the team, adding it to the contents of the box. (Gary has previously stated that he and his wife have supported charities for some time but recently switched from supporting national charities to more local ones. Fortunately, with Gary being a hill walker himself, we have been one of those they have helped) So thanks to Gary and his latest appreciated thoughtful and very supportive gesture, we have ended up with a total donation of £135.26p from this latest ’box’ emptying at his premises.

See also website ’news’ article dated Friday 14th January 2011.