Incident 37/2011

Whilst on standby rescue cover for the Belmont Winter Hill Fell Races this year, at 13:30, during the “senior” race, a report of a competitor with an ankle injury at Noon Hill, Rivington Moor, was received from our check point personal at that location.

Team members Mark Parry and Paul Chisholm who were at the location, has gone to investigate and found a 16 year old male runner, (From the Baxenden area of Lancashire) had injured his ankle and was unable to walk off the hill unaided.

Two team Land Rover Ambulances (BM3 and BM4) were sent onto the nearby moorland track of Belmont Road, and took a mountain rescue stretcher the short distance uphill to Noon Hill summit, which was then used to carry the injured male off the moor, who had been given Entonox pain killing gas. In total eight team members were involved in the short stretcher carry to our BM4 vehicle, under the direction of Mike Marsh who was co-ordinating the rescue, with Team member Chris Tennant acting as ’Radio Link.’

On arrival at our vehicles RVP and control Point, the casualty was then taken back to the Start/Finish area in one of our vehicles.