Team called to ‘Go to Standby’ for NWAS (Greater Manchester Area)

At 22.01hrs this evening our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by NWAS (Manchester) Control requesting the team go to standby in case of need, following their in hand response to an incident involving three youths who were reporting one of their number injured, after falling into water (Presumably Eagley Brook?) and suffering an injury, in the Eagley Brook area of Bolton.

The on scene emergency ambulance crew were having difficulty locating the youths including the injured youth, and NWAS (Manchester) Control had requested the attendance of the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit helicopter to search for the group.

NWAS (Manchester) Control had also mobilised their HART team, based at Trafford Park to attend this same incident.

In view of the circumstances and the information presented to him, our Team Leader’s suggestion to Ambulance Control that we be mobilised immediately rather than just put on standby was accepted, and at 22.13hrs a full Team call Out was instigated.

Fortunately the incident resolved itself very quickly and we were stood down at 22.18hrs by NWAS (Manchester) Control, with a pager call confirming such being sent at 22.20hrs.

As this incident involved principally our Team Leader in liaison with Ambulance Control, it is recorded here for information purposes only and does not feature in our Incident Reports.