Very kind and thoughtful donation from the casualty involved in Incident 26, Wednesday evening, 20th April 2011

Today we received a letter from Mr Geof Leigh, Director of Goaldart Limited of Bromley Cross, Bolton.

Mr Geof Leigh was the casualty involved in our Incident 26-2011, and in his very kind letter he states the following:

“Dear all,
My rescue from Turton Golf Course on the evening of Wednesday 20th April 2011.
I am writing to say thank you to all those who took part in rescuing me, and to make a donation to your organisation.

In particular I wish to say how impressed I was with your professionalism, especially as you are volunteers.

There may be some people who say, “Bolton does not have any mountains, we don’t need mountain rescue.” To those people I suggest they consider my case. I fell off my bike on a well maintained public path through Turton Golf Course. The weather was good. My location was only a few minutes walk away from a public highway (Cox Green Road) in a well populated area. Yet the Ambulance Service could not find me, and I lay on the ground cold and in pain for several hours. Even if the Ambulance Service had located me they would not have had the manpower or equipment to transport me to the ambulance. It was only when my wife contacted Bolton Mountain Rescue Team that my rescue proper started to happen. The mountain rescue team, guided the ambulance crew to my location, provided painkillers, and had all the equipment and manpower to transfer me quickly and safely to the ambulance waiting on Cox Green Road. what would my fate have been if they did not exist?

Yours sincerely Geof Leigh.”

Mr Leigh kindly enclosed a very generous £200.00 donation with his letter of thanks.

The whole team membership wishes to extend sincere thanks for this very kind and appreciated donation and the sincere comments expressed within his letter of thanks. We also wish Mr Leigh a continuing recovery back to full health.