The Avenue Music Festival

Following the early morning finish of the first day of the music festival we arrived at The Avenue ready for the second day’s event. Mike O’Brien and Diane Blakeley arrived with BM4 which was parked outside The Avenue in Leigh for passers by to see. The first band was practising as we arrived when disaster struck when a fiddle broke. The band member was hurriedly taken by the landlady Shelley to borrow a replacement in time for their set.

BMRT & Ratty Little Fingers pose

Further team members arrived shortly afterwards John Dickinson, Louise Jorgensen, Sam McKay and daughter Molly followed later by Friday nights party animal Carly Raines. Feeling that we needed to make more of a contribution than purely selling raffle tickets, some of our team members decided to perform ourselves. So Sam was on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Diane on electric guitar and lead vocals, Molly on the xylophone and John on drums. Mike meanwhile was on the phone with Garry, on his return he and Molly took to the drums swapping with John who went onto bass guitar.

The BMRT Band – Louise on Banjo!

We all had a great time listening to the first two bands. The second band was the Ratty Little Fingers which was made up of Katie the Lion, Austin the Cat and Christian the Racoon! John enjoyed it so much that he bought the CD!

The Ratty Little Fingers

Throughout the day into the evening the team personnel swapped over with David Crawford and his wife and Naomi Horan also supporting the event. The highlight of evening was the Jeramiah Ferrari a reggae band which was greatly enjoyed by all.

BMRT’s Youngest supporter? Molly (daughter of team member Sam McKay) on Drums….

Sunday sees the last day of the festival with again BM4 and a crew attending the event.

BM4 with the Landlady Shelly, customers and staff.

A massive thank you goes to Shelley and Iain and all the staff from The Avenue, customers who supported the team by purchasing raffle tickets and all the bands who freely donated their services and provided such great entertainment. A huge thank you from all the team for the raffle prize a fantastic guitar and amp worth £275 has been donated by Heybrook Music from Leigh.