The Bolton MRT website counter passes the 1 million mark!

Since the 31st October 2001 our website counter has been constantly increasing, the rate of increase reflecting on the ever increasing daily number of visitors to our website.

This week the counter passed the 1 million mark, which represents a huge amount of interest in the team over the almost 10 years of the website’s history.

Of course with technology changing over the years, there are always errors in our visitor statistics, and nothing is 100% certain! However, going back some 4 years, when we introduced Google Analytics to provide more accurate visitor statistics, we averaged approximately 80 visits per day on our site. Today that number is approximately 120 visits per day and 1,400+ unique visitors every month. so interest continues to grow in the team’s activities.

The busiest ever day on our website so far to date was on Friday 11th February 2011 where 255 visitors viewed the site following press coverage of incident 18/2011, concerning the rescue of a group of 8 males whose two 4WD vehicles became stuck on Darwen Moor in the early hours of the morning – the incident prompted a large amount of local press coverage and public comment.

The busiest ever week was the 3rd-9th January 2010 (907 visits), and the busiest ever month was also in January 2010 (2,467 visits in total), which no doubt would have been related to the considerably high volume of assistance calls directed to the team by NWAS during a period of heavy snowfall, the worst of which came the 5th January 2010. The work of the Bolton MRT and its colleague MRTs in the Manchester region was featured heavily in the local press and television news at the time.

Thanks to all our visitors for reading our website and catching up on the team’s activities so regularly!