Evening visit to our Base / HQ by 60th Bolton St Peter’s Belmont Beaver and Cub Scouts

Tonight five Team members were on hand to welcome fifteen Beavers and Cubs from the 60th Bolton St Peter’s Belmont Scout Group, along with five of their Leaders and a number of their parents to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

Experienced Call Out list members Gill Leigh and Neil Warburton and Trainee Team members Kris Kilshaw, Tony Dawson and Paul Chisholm first told the interested youngsters about the Team and the work they do. Following this the visiting group was split into two in order to spend some time exploring a Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance and its equipment, then have a session putting together one of our Bell Mountain Rescue Stretchers and then carried a willing volunteer around the car park area.

During the evening it came to light that at the recent Belmont Village Gala two of the young Scouts present tonight, Bill and Sam, thoughtfully moved through the Gala crowds ‘selling’ Bolton MRT team stickers. This raised the grand total of £50.17 for the Team, which was a fantastic effort.

At the end of tonights visit, our members were then a presented with £50.00, which had been raised by the Beavers and Cubs as a result of selling hot dogs at the Gala.

This meant that the Team gratefully received the magnificent total sum of £100.17 this evening and all the Cubs and Beavers were presented with their own team sticker by way of thanks.

The whole team membership would like to thank all at the 60th Bolton St Peter’s Belmont Beaver and Cub Scouts for their fantastic and much appreciated support of the team.