Incident 40/2011

The team was on hand to provide stand by rescue cover for the annual Two Lads Fell Race, with thirty team members involved and 211x competitors, when at 20.03hrs news was received that a competitor had fallen on the outward stage of the race in the Wilderswood area, above Horwich.

Two team members at a nearby checkpoint (Nick Berry and Carly Raines) responded immediately, along with some crew members of our nearby BM2 Land Rover.

They quickly located the 54 years old male competitor (From Fallowfield, Manchester) establishing that he had suffered a probable dislocated knee.

Further crew members from our BM2 and BM5 minibus vehicles also assisted, together with other responding members.

The injured mans limb was splinted using a full length leg vacuum splint, and he was then carried a short distance to our BM2 vehicle on an Alpine Lite mountain rescue stretcher.

He was then transported on the stretcher in our BM2 vehicle to Georges Lane, where at 20.32hrs he was transferred to an NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance which had been called to the incident by the team.

Shortly afterwards he was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital.

This incident directly involved twelve team members out of the thirty present, two team vehicles, and an emergency ambulance from NWAS (Manchester) Hindley Ambulance Station.