Team purchases more powerful engine for our SAR Boat

Regular readers will recall that we purchased a 3.5m semi-rigid inflatable SAR Boat last year utilising a substantial donation from the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2009 charity donation.

At the time of purchase we were also donated a small outboard engine, which in the use we have had has proved to be a little underpowered.

Using residual monies from the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2009 and Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2010 substantial charity donations, (Amounting to a fantastic £12,000.00 in total) we have now purchased at £575.00, a more powerful (Reconditioned) Outboard Motor for our SAR Boat.

Using the same residual monies, we have also ordered at a cost of circa £250.00, a 100 metre length of 10.4mm ’Pro-Canyon’ Water Rope, for use with our Water SAR Team.