Provision of Standby Rescue Cover, Aggies Staircase Fell Race

This evening 21x Team Call Out list members, in our four Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances along with team members Steve Nelson’s own AWD vehicle, provided standby rescue cover for the annual Aggies Staircase Fell Race, organised by Darwen Dashers Running Club, which takes in a route over Darwen Moor and the Jubilee Tower, including the very steep path section above Stepback Brook, known as Aggies Staircase.

Throughout the day very heavy rain showers and full cloud, had soaked all the tracks and paths on this moorland route, but thankfully a couple of hours before the race started at 19.15hrs, the sun came out, the paths dried out a bit, the clouds parted to reveal large patches of blue sky and a breeze started enough to clear away the (Majority!) local midges.

These conditions gave an excellent race for the 130 x competitors taking part, in an event which passed very quickly and thankfully without incident.

The team members present then all gathered at the Royal Arms Public House, Tockholes, where we enjoyed chip barms all round courtesy of this excellent pub, and in return for the publicans kind hospitality and support of the team, we held an impromptu collection for the Royal Arms Public House, chosen charity.