Team to purchase ‘Scene Lighting’ Equipment from Peli Products UK Limited

For quite a while the team has been looking to replace our ’Scene Lighting’ equipment whilst at the same time seeking to enhance our current equipment level of two lighting units.

Essentially our scene lighting is used to give portable self contained lighting to incident scenes, in field equipment caches and any other situation where we might want to compliment our own personal lighting and hand held lamps.

Thanks to a donation many years ago by Deborah and John Garlick of Warrington, as a thank you from Deborah for rescuing her following a sledging accident at Rivington, (Since which time Deborah and her husband John have gone on to become very valued friends of the team) the team has operated two Dragon Magnum self contained Lighting units.

These are now very much showing their age, and lighting technology has advanced considerably, alongside a requirement for the team to operate more lighting units of this type.

Following evaluation of the available lighting products, and with the excellent news from the South Lancashire Section of the Caravan Club, that their charity fundraising for us over their Charity Year 2010-2011 will enable such, the team has decided to purchase four ’Scene Lighting’ units from Peli Products UK Limited.

Andy Hill of Peli Products UK Limited, has been of considerable help in enabling us to make this purchase and visited the team this evening at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to enable us to make a final purchase decision against particular products in the Peli Range.

Andy kindly demonstrated a number of Peli products, with the team deciding to purchase four of their very latest units which only came onto the market this year, and which embody the very latest lighting and battery technology available within a totally portable self contained lighting system.

From the RALS (Remote Area Lighting Systems) range we have purchased four 9440 units, which is a unit with a self contained tripod system, weighs in at 7.3kg, and fits very neatly into each of our four Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles.

With a battery life of six hours, and with the excellent portability and overall design and ’packaging’ of this very modern unit being a major point in the teams purchase decision, the purchase of these items at an overall cost of circa £2,900.00 will considerably improve the overall capability of the team in this area of team equipment.

During Andys visit, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and team member Mark Parry, asked about the robustness of the lighting units being demonstrated, given Peli Products UK reputation for tough and rugged kit. In a ’Don’t try this at home folks demo,’ Andy invited both Garry and Mark to throw two very neat and brand new RALS lights on demo at a combined value of over £1,200.00, forcibly onto the concrete floor of our garage!

Garry and Mark not wanting to be faced with a potential bill of a lot of money against vandalised Peli lights quickly declined, at which point Andy having full confidence in his products, did just such a thing. With not a scratch on the 9430 or 9440 unit, we think the concrete floor came off worst!

Please keep watching the website for further news on this purchase.