Visit to our Base / HQ by Atherton Women’s Institute

This evening the team played host to a visit by a small party from Atherton Women’s Institute, who attended to hand over a very generous donation to the work of the team.

Met initially by very experienced Team Call Out List member Mark Scott, and Trainee Team member John Dickinson, they were soon joined by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, operating as usual on ’Garry time,’ ie he turned up late ! (Only by a few minutes mind)

Mrs Irene Burton, President of Atherton W.I. on behalf of all at Atherton W.I. then very kindly handed over to Garry a wonderful £520.00 donation to the team, with Garry thanking the ten women and one gentleman present acting as representatives of the sixty plus strong Atherton W.I.

Irene explained that this thoughtful donation had been raised over the two and a half hour duration of their ’Daffodil Lunch,’ with the team having been kindly chosen as the their charity recipient for the proceeds of their marvelous fundraising efforts.

Garry then entertained all present with tales of the team, some sad, some happy, some funny, and was met with enthusiastic questions, which was followed by all present then being given an excellent presentation on the search and rescue kit carried on our Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances by Mark Scott and John Dickinson.

Garry, Mark and John would like to thank all the guests present tonight from Atherton W.I. for their obvious interest in our work and their kind words of support.

We would also like to thank all at Atherton Women’s Institute for their kind and very generous donation of £520.00, which is truely appreciaited.