Visit to the team by the University of Bolton Professional Practice Team

Today at our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ, team members Ged Clarke and team President Bob Hutchinson were joined by seven staff from the accountancy section of the Professional Practice Team from the University of Bolton, under the ’supervision’ of Julie England (Principal Lecturer Learning and Teaching Enhancement & Professional Practice Team Leader).

The group arrived at 10:00 and enjoyed tea and biscuits before viewing a Powerpoint presentation on the team (kindly prepared recently by team Diane Blakeley). Bob Hutchinson then followed this up with a talk about the way that the team is managed. Ged Clarke then gave a demonstration of the personal team-issue kit including water rescue equipment.

The group (all being good academics) then made time for more tea and biscuits!

Moving down to the garage the visitors were given a review of the contents and capabilities of our BM1 Land Rover MR Ambulance. The final hour of their visit was dedicated to a mini rescue exercise with university staff member Penny Young taking the role of a missing person (a new mother!).

A quick search, under the supervision of Bob Hutchinson of the gardens surrounding our base then followed. Penny was located and the party treated her for a lower leg injury. It was ’some time’ before the party realised that there could be another missing person…yes, a ’babe in the woods’. The darkening sky provided a good incentive for a careful but speedy search and evacuation of both ’casualties’ to our garage.

Julie England had (being in her posh ’office shoes’) managed the control function from our BM1 vehicle. All the group then retired to our kitchen for a final cup of tea tea before departing to a local hostel for lunch.

Before they left, the group made a kind donation of £40 to the team.

The whole team membership extends its grateful thanks for this donation.