Team very honoured to receive the Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton as guests of the Team at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

This afternoon we were honoured to receive as guests at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ the Mayor of Bolton, Councilor Noel Spencer MBE and his wife, the Mayoress of Bolton, Mrs Alice Spencer.

In the company of the Mayors Attendant, Matthew Sidebottom, all arrived at 13.55hrs to be greeted by our Life Vice President Tony McNally.

Tony then introduced the Mayor and Mayoress to our Team President Bob Hutchinson, Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE (At which point Tony commented on two MBEs being on the premises!)and our Training Officer Elaine Gilliland.

First stop was a ’look over’ the two based (Brand new) Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances we have parked up at our base, with the Mayor, Mayoress and their Attendant all commenting on how clean and polished the vehicles looked and also enquiring as to the stories behind the vehicles names. (Miss Ellen Sykes / Nellie, and Tony McNally II)

Then it was into our Base / HQ proper, where the Mayor and Mayoress were obviously very impressed with our premises and the support given to us by NWAS in kindly allowing us to use this building within the their (NWAS) Headquarters complex.

The stories behind our framed and signed Team Newsletter bearing Nelson Mandela’s signature, the Bulgarian National Flag on our office wall, the framed FEMA Sweatshirt relating to the New Orleans Flood Disaster, and the many other items on display on our Base / HQ walls also clearly impressed the Mayor, Mayoress and their Attendant.

Due to power cuts in the area, we were not able to offer our esteemed guests any hot refreshments, which was the point when the NWAS Headquarters staff very kindly stepped in and invited all present over to the main Ladybridge Hall building, where back up emergency generators were in operation.

Here the Mayor and Mayoress were introduced to the NWAS Headquarters Reception Office staff and then to NWAS General Manager Ladybridge Hall Anne El-Garidi, who welcomed the Mayor and Mayoress to the beautiful surroundings and building of Ladybridge Hall.

Chris Riley, NWAS Ladybridge Hall Facilities Supervisor, then very kindly laid on tea, coffee and a wonderful cheesecake for the Mayor, Mayoress, their Attendant Matthew, and our four team members present.

Following this we presented the Mayor of Bolton with a plaque to remind the Mayor and Mayoress of their visit to our Base / HQ, with the Mayor promising to display it prominently in the Mayors Parlour at Bolton Town Hall.

Final farewells (Half an hour over the time the Mayor should have left, such was the Mayor and Mayoress’s interest in the team) saw our Team Leader present the Mayor, Mayoress and their Attendant with Metal Mountain Rescue Supporter Lapel badges and ’Support Bolton MRT’ car stickers. (We did ask if a Team car sticker could be put on the Mayors Official Car, Registration WH 1, but sadly it appears we would have to vie with a certain football club also bearing the name of Bolton!… ah well we did try)

The team would like to thank the Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton for agreeing to visit the Team, and the Mayors Office for their help and support in arranging this visit.

We would also like to thank the staff at NWAS Ladybridge Hall for yet again stepping in to so actively and kindly support the work of the team.