Visit to Rivington Primary School Fair

While their colleagues were attending the Tockholes Gala, team members Mark Scott and David Crawford took our BM1 Landrover Ambulance to Rivington Primary School who were holding their Annual Fair. Very soon there were lots of children and their parents having a great deal of fun at the well-organised event. BM1 was climbed on and in by many dozens of excited children and not a small number of parents as Mark and David explain what all the wonderful new gadgets do on the newly-purchased vehicle. There was also a lot of interest in the kit display, including stretcher rides up and down the school access road to delight the children. The Fair had lots of attractions of which the mountain rescue team were just one, so it was a fantastic day. The children were very well behaved and very polite, and the weather was kind, so all in all it was an extremely pleasant event. Although not a fundraising event, kind donations were made to the tune of £20.41 for which we are very grateful.

Many thanks to PTA Vice Chair Mrs Heather Jayasakera and Headteacher Mrs L Case for inviting us and making the arrangements.