Kind donation from the casualty involved in Incident 33/2011, Friday 29th April 2011.

Today we are very pleased to announce the receipt of a generous £100.00 donation from Miss Barbara Brown of Bolton, the casualty involved in Incident 33 of this year, when she suffered a serious lower leg fracture, whilst out walking her dog on the moorland slopes just above Barrow Bridge.

In a recent conversation with Team member Steve Fletcher, she informed him she had spent six days in hospital with a badly fractured lower leg, and sent special thanks to team members Diane Blakely and Louise Jorgensen who were present amongst many other team members.

In a letter to our Team Leader, accompanying her very kind donation, Barbara Brown stated, “I am enclosing a donation for the Bolton MRT in grateful thanks for everyone’s help on April 29th, when I was rescued from the moorland above Barrow Bridge, after breaking my ankle.”

“The whole team was brilliant, and Carly kept me smiling, and Diane looked after my dog until my family came to collect him. I can’t thank you enough. with best wishes to the whole team.”

All the team members wish Barbara a full recovery (She still has a cast on her lower leg fracture) and thank her for her very kind and thoughtful £100.00 donation.

(Please also see website ’News’ item dated Friday 29th April 2011)