Team receives into service brand new latest generation ‘Scene’ lighting system units from Peli Products UK Limited

Further to our website news article dated Monday 27th June 2011, we took delivery today of four Peli Products UK Limited RALS (Remote Area Lighting Systems) 9440 Units at a total purchase to the team cost of £2,877.52p.

These units represent the very latest generation ’state of the art’ portable scene lighting units, and consist of a modern technology LED lighting unit with a self contained tripod system, an extending mast head light unit, all inclusive weighing in at 7.3kg, with a battery life of six hours, offering excellent portability, light weight, well thought out and researched overall design and ’packaging.’ (The bright yellow overall colour is also quite eye catching as well!)

For the technically minded amongst our readership, each 9440 unit has a tested Lumen Value of 1200 (Low setting) or 2400 (High setting) with a respective battery burn time of 6 hours / 3 hours on each respective Lumen setting, and a charge time of 8 hours.

Andy Hill of Peli Products UK Limited, who has been of fantastic help in the selection of these units, personally delivered them to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ this afternoon, being met by our Life Vice President Tony McNally, team Leader Garry Rhodes ME and Training Officer Elaine Gilliland.

Andy kindly stayed for a couple of hours, ensuring those present were totally familiar with the operation of the lighting units, and then proceeded to unpack and check each one and set them all up for their initial in service booster charge. (Excellent product support displayed in doing this)

Andy Hill then surprised Garry and Elaine (Tony had to leave earlier) by making a very kind and much appreciated lighting equipment donation to the team on behalf of Peli Products UK Limited of ten of their companies Super Bright Xenon Beam, hand held torches, featuring an unbreakable ABS body resistant to chemicals, water and corrosion. (This very supportive donation consisted of eight Peli Mitylite 2340 units, submersible to 150 metres, one Peli Pocket Sabre 2C unit, also submersible to 150 metres and one Peli Magnum Plus unit, all ten again in a bright yellow finish)

All ten of these units will be utilised within the equipment we use for water search and rescue operations, specifically the personal team kit items issued to team members who use this equipment.

The purchase of these Peli Products UK Limited RALS 9440 Units will totally upgrade and considerably enhance the scene lighting capabilities of the team, with the incident we attended during the early hours of Sunday morning 17th July 2011 being a typical example of when we would use this type of equipment.

The team would like to place on record its thanks to Peli Products UK Limited for their very kind and appreciated totally free donation of ten hand torches, and their considerable help and assistance which resulted in the team deciding to purchase four RALS 9440 Lighting units.

We would like to particularly thank Andy Hill of Peli Products UK Limited, not just for his ready and willing help and advice in this purchase but also in recognition of his obvious interest in the work of our team.