Visit by the Team to the Kings Club, Christ Church, Harwood, at Top O’th Brow School

Today we were invited to explain a little about our work as a Mountain Rescue Team at the Kings Club. The Kings Club is a week of activities for primary aged children organised and staffed by the parishioners of Christ Church, Harwood who give up their time to provide this opportunity for local children.

Our arrival was a little delayed as the team received a call out (see below) whilst we were originally on our way to the demonstration, but with the young boy found we were able to turn our attention once more to the 105 boys and girls at the Kings Club. Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, Team members Matthew Hailwood and Diane Blakeley and Trainee Team members Tony Dawson and John Dickinson represented the team.

The excited children sat on the playground whilst Diane explained a little about what the team does and some of the rescues we do. The children had lots and lots of questions and were completely shocked that yes we can get called out on our birthday’s, in the bath or when we are on the toilet!

Then the children were split into two groups, Elaine, Tony and John demonstrated the Alpine Lite Stretcher, the long board and the vacuum splits, whilst Matthew and Diane split their group into two each demonstrating one of the land Rover Ambulances and some of the equipment that they carry.

The team thanks all involved with the organisation of the Kings Club for the invitation and wishes them a continuing enjoyable week of further activities.