Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE features on 96.5 Bolton FM Radio this evening

This evening our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was the featured guest on 96.5 Bolton FM Radio, ’The Voice of the Bolton Family,’ talking about the role and work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and Mountain Rescue in the United Kingdom in general.

Garry featured in the ’Community Corner’ programme, co-hosted live by presenters Andy Partington and Margaret Corston, with Garry being featured throughout the 21.00hrs to 22.00hrs timeslot. (Webmaster; yes he can talk for that long)

Throughout the show, Garry was interviewed by Andy and Margaret, on topics such as how he came to be associated with the team, tragic and happy times in the team, ’funny’ moments, the wide ranging role of the team within the local community, how to go about joining the team, fundraising and how to support the team.

All to soon the one hour time slot came to an end, with presenters Andy Partington and Margaret Corston commenting to Garry after the programme that they had not realised at all how diverse the work of the Bolton MRT was, nor indeed how varied the work of UK Mountain Rescue was.

In a unique link up with the radio station, presenter Andy Partington in conversation with our Team Leader said that he would in future endeavor to feature some news reports from our website into the ’Community Corner’ programme.

Also as a result of Garry’s interview, the shows producer is interested along with presenter Margaret Corston, in the possibilities of a live radio link during a team exercise, so watch this space.

Garry would like to take this opportunity to thank all at 96.5 Bolton FM and particularly presenters Andy Partington and Margaret Corston, for the opportunity to talk about the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team to the shows listenership.

(In June this year, Garry was featured as the morning guest on the BBC Radio Manchester show, so showbiz is definitely beckoning for him now he is retired)