East Lancashire Mark Masons Family Fun Day at Middleton Masonic Lodge

On the 29th August last year the Bolton, Rossendale & Pendle and Oldham Mountain Rescue teams had the honour of receiving £40,000 each towards new Land Rover Ambulances from the East Lancashire Mark Masons.

Two of Boltons Three new Land Rover Ambulances and a small display of equipment

This year all three teams were back visiting the East Lancashire Mark Masons Family day at Middleton Masonic Lodge to ’show off’ our new vehicles. The Bolton Team took all three of our new Land Rover Ambulances, Oldham took their two new vehicles together with the teams support vehicle. Finally Rossendale & Pendle took their new vehicle they had purchased with the funds, based on a Land Rover Discovery.

Each different team had a look around each others team, Bolton had a lesson on using the different configurations of the new Troll Alphin stretchers from the Oldham team. Rossendale & Pendles’ new vehicle is based on a different model than the other two teams, which has permanent space for a stretcher. The Bolton teams new Peli lights also got some admiring looks.

Oldhams new vehicle and display

Aside from each of the different teams looking at each others vehicles, we also had many visitors from the members and family of the East Lancashire Mark Masons. Demonstrations took place of the equipment we carry, at least until the heavens opened when everyone rushed inside to escape from the rain.

Paul Brain demonstrating the use of the vaccum splints

The eleven team members from Bolton also had a look at and took part in the many activities at the event. The classic cars display got admiring looks from a number of the team, Matt Hailwood introduced Kris Kilshaw to the plate smashing stall, and both had hours of fun ’fishing frogs’!

Matt Hailwood teaching Kris Kilshaw how its done

The team would like to thank everyone at the East Lancashire Mark Masons event for allowing us to have a display at the successful family fun day.