Visit to Belthorn Village Fun Day

This afternoon Team President Bob Hutchinson, Team members Ana Toole, Diane Blakeley and Paul Brain and Support Group member Iain Clarkson travelled to the Belthorn Village Fun Day held at The Dog Inn, at the kind invitation of Jim Fletcher. The team has been supported for a number of years by Jim from “The Shed”, Belthorn, Darwen. In June the team received an outstanding donation of £1000 from Jim, so it was with great pleasure that we attended the village fun day in Bolton Mobile Three, one of our new landrover ambulances.

Unfortunately the weather was very changeable but prior to the rain many children showed a keen interest in the landrover especially the blue lights and sirens as well as quizzing us on some of our emergency equipment. Clearly one little boy was an avid Casualty fan and kept asking to see equipment he had seen on the TV programme.

The team thanks the Jim for the invitation to attend and his continued support for the teams work.

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