Incident 57/2011

This afternoon the team was paged at 13:55 hrs by NWAS (Greater Manchester) regards an accident in the Daubhill area of Bolton, involving a 83 year old male walker who had fallen in fields close to his house sustaining a serious leg injury.

At 14:00 hrs a full team pager call out message alerted the entire membership to the vicinity of the incident location.

The male involved had been out walking with his wife in the rural area surrounding Moorlands View, Daubhill. His wife had returned home and became concerned when her husband did not return within an acceptable period of time and sent her son out to the surrounding fields to search for her husband. The son located his father approximately 120 metres from the nearest roadhead and alerted his mother who then alerted the ambulance service.

At 14:16 hrs our first team vehicle (BM2) arrived on scene with team members, Mark Scott, Louise Jorgensen and Ged Clarke on board to meet the responding NWAS (Greater Manchester) Emergency Ambulance crew (From Highfield Ambulance Station) and proceeded with the wife of the injured walker to the incident scene.

The injured man sustained a fractured upper mid shaft (confirmed by the hospital to attending team member Paul Copley) and was treated on scene with powerful pain killing drugs and gas.

By 14:24 hrs three team vehicles were on scene with 12 team members available to assist with the casualty.

The injured man was stabilised by the ambulance staff and mountain rescue team members on scene using the team’s vacuum splints and heavyweight casualty bag and evacuated from the field, on a Mountain Rescue SAR Alpine Lite stretcher, to Moorland View, where he was put into the NWAS Emergency Ambulance at 14:42 hrs, which then departed shortly afterwards for Royal Bolton Hospital.

Three team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles responded, alongside NWAS (Greater Manchester) resources.