Thank you Plaques presented to two team valued supporters

This afternoon, our Team Chairman Craig Lamb and Team members Sam McKay, Philip Crook and John Dickinson journeyed in one of our new Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances to present ’Thank you’ plaques from the team to two very special friends and supporters of the team.

Firstly they visited a very kind lady who on January 22nd this year made a wonderful donation of £156.05 in celebration of her ninetieth birthday on 17th January 2011. She suggested donations to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team in lieu of presents when family and friends gathered for a birthday party on 16th January.

At the time we extended our own Best Wishes to this generous lady (who wished to remain anonymous) for her thoughtfulness, and thanks to her guests for their generous donations.

This very kind lady was very pleased and totally surprised to receive our ’Plaque of Thanks,’ and in turn we were pleased to offer thanks to her for her support via this plaque.

Our second plaque was personally presented to dear friend and supporter of the team, David Bisset.

Way back in August 2005, Iain Bisset whilst climbing with his father and fellow climber David Bisset, at Ousel’s Nest Quarry, Chapeltown, suffered injuries in a climbing accident, to which the team and the ambulance service were called.

Iain thankfully went on to make a full recovery, and went back to rock climbing at a high standard, and since this time has also travelled abroad extensively. Since the accident, Iain, his family and particularly David his father, have become valued, stalwart and very much appreciated, regular supporters of the team.

This ’Thank you’ plaque is a small token from all the team membership of our appreciation to David and his family for their continuing thoughtful kindness and support.