Visit to Lowton St. Mary”s CE Primary School

Today, Life Vice President, Tony McNally and Team Training Officer, Elaine Gilliland, were invited by Mrs Kellie Taylor and Mr Ben Ibbotson, Year 5 Teachers, Jill Taylor, Receptionist and Lyn Baker, Head Teacher to give an overview to the 5 and 6 year olds at Lowton St Mary’s CE Primary School about the work of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Tony and Elaine travelled in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicle ’BM3’ to the Primary School and were warmly welcomed by Mrs Jill Taylor and taken to Year 5 Class.

Met by Mrs Kellie Taylor and Mr Ben Ibbotson, Tony introduced himself and Elaine to the children and soon established that all had been doing a lot of research on the team by looking at the team website.
Tony gave an overview of the team and the children were able to answer a number of questions due to the research they had already done, even down to how many call-outs the team had attended this year. Elaine and Tony were amazed at the children’s knowledge and their outstanding behavior.

Due to the beautiful weather, the class were able to venture outside to the playground and were given the opportunity to ask questions of Tony and Elaine.

Elaine then demonstrated CPR, giving full instruction on why and how the children should react if they came across a person who was not breathing on one of the team’s very realistic resuscitation dummies, as the children watched in fascination.
The children then, when asked whether they would like to have a try at CPR, reacted extremely positively, and many of the children were able to practice the techniques on the resuscitation dummy.
All of the children were very impressive in their ability to undertake CPR and Tony and Elaine were overwhelmed again by their exceptional behavior.

As always, it is a great honour for the team to be invited to Lowton St. Mary’s to talk to the children about safety in the hills and how they can contact us if they need to, and this proved very rewarding today as the children showed such interest and enthusiasm.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank Mrs Kellie Taylor and Mr Ben Ibbotson for inviting us to their class and Mrs Lyn Baker and Mrs Jill Taylor for their wonderfully warm welcome.

Tony and Elaine would like to especially thank the children for their interest and behaving so impeccably and look forward to seeing all of the children again in the future.