Team thanks snow chain supplier Brindley Chains of Warrington

With the commissioning into team service earlier this year of our three new Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, we were faced with having to purchase three new sets of snow chains for them, as the chains from our previous vehicles did not fit the new vehicles.

Our Team Vehicles Officer Chris Greenhalgh sought advice from a great many sources, including the supplier of our new Land Rovers Crake International (Thanks to Colin Todd) before settling on Pewag Snow Chains, which were recently ordered from Brindley Chains of Tatton Court, Warrington, Cheshire.

When Chris Greenhalgh went to collect the three new sets of snow chains this afternoon, he met with Brindley Chains Chris Brindle, one of the company’s Directors.

Upon hearing the purchase was for mountain rescue, Chris Brindle explained to our Chris that Brindle Chains have also supplied to our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT and Calder Valley SRT, as well as dealing with similar enquiries from other MRTs.

Chris Brindley then very kindly offered the team a discount arrangement on the three sets of snow chains purchased, for which we are very grateful, and kindly went on (As Chris Greenhalgh had turned up in a team Land Rover) to fully demonstrate to Chris how to fit the chains, having firstly made sure the model chosen actually fitted our three new vehicles.