Visit to Hardy Mill Primary School

Today experienced team callout list member Neil Warburton journeyed to Hardy Mill Primary School in a team Land Rover to give a presentation to the pupils on the work of the team.

Neil’s account of the day appears below:

I was asked to go and give a talk to the Year 2 class, as their topic is ’People who help us’. I arrived in the new BMRT Land Rover, although I think that some children were expecting me to land in the helicopter on the school field!

I had my talk all prepared – although it wasn’t really necessary as the class had got 14 or so questions ready for me to answer. They were very keen and enthusiastic!

We began the visit with me showing them around the Land Rover and the vast amount of equipment inside. We then went back into the classroom where they asked me their questions. Some of these were: ’What would you do if you needed help on the mountain and you didn’t have a phone?’, and ’What does your boss do?!!’

The talk ended after about half an hour and their teacher later commented on how good it had been and that the children had really enjoyed it.