Very thoughtful donations on the Silver Wedding of Ken and Judith Wiggans in memory of the late Mr David Wiggans of Blackburn

On Thursday 7th April 2011, the team was involved in the tragic recovery of the body of a local experienced hill walker, the late Mr David Wiggans of Blackburn, who sadly died whilst out solo walking in the company of his dog, on Darwen Moor in the vicinity of Duckshaw Clough.

This incident also involved our colleagues from the North West Air Ambulance, North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire) and Lancashire Constabulary.

David Wiggans (Dave Wiggy) aged 50, who was a Dial-a-Ride driver, was a very experienced hill walker, who loved both the Lake District and the local Darwen Moors, often out walking with his partner Linda Sears, his best friend Dave Atkinson or his son John Wiggans, and the beloved dog of David and Linda, Zak (Who was with him when he collapsed and died)

Today we have received via our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE a very kind letter from Ken and Judith Wiggans of Blackburn, Lancashire, enclosing donations totaling £150.00.

In the letter, Mrs Judith Wiggans explains;

“My husband and I have recently celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary and instead of asking for gifts we requested that we receive donations for the North West Air Ambulance Service and Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. In doing this we have raised £300.00 so I have enclosed donations to the value of £150.00 for your charity.”

“The money that was raised is a thank you from my family after you assisted my brother in law when he collapsed and died on Darwen Moors in April this year.”

“Once again we would like to thank you and hope the money helps.” (Webmaster, a £150.00 donation was also made to the North West Air Ambulance Service)

“Regards Judith and Ken Wiggans.”

The whole team would like to extend our sincere thanks to all who contributed to this very thoughtful and sincere total donation to both us and the North West Air Ambulance Service, on the occasion of the Silver Wedding Anniversary of Ken and Judith Wiggans, all in memory of the late Mr David Wiggans of Blackburn.

The Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would also like to take this opportunity to wish belated congratulations to Ken and Judith Wiggans on the wonderful occasion of their Silver Wedding Anniversary.

(Please also see website ’News’ reports Incident 22, Thursday 7th April 2011 and Wednesday 25th May 2011)