Former team member Mike Thomason appears on TV Celebrity Masterchef programme

Who should appear on yesterday’s BBC One Celebrity Masterchef programme, where famous faces are “in the kitchen” to compete in the semi-finals, but our very own long-serving former team member Mike Thomason!

The celebrity masterchefs, including Linda Lusardi, were cooking for the Officer staff at the British Army, Pirbright Depot, including Mike Thomason, who nowadays is a Chaplain in the British Army.

As anybody who knew Mike when he was in the team knows, he would not let a chance to appear on television pass him by easily, and as one of as those on the receiving end of the Celebrity Masterchef’s fantastic meal, he missed no chances at all to have many speaking parts on the programme.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, now retired (webmaster – he has nothing better to do than watch afternoon TV), on watching Mike Thomason’s TV appearance missed no time in contacting him to gently pull his leg about his stardom!

Mike is a regular viewer of our website and the team would like to extend the opportunity to congratulate him on his promotion from Captain to Major in the British Army.