Visit by team to Year 6 All Saints Junior School, Devon Street, Farnworth, Bolton

This afternoon our Team President Bob Hutchinson and Team Life Vice President Tony McNally were invited to All Saints Junior School in Devon Street, Farnworth, to talk to Year 6 class about the work of the Team.

Bob and Tony were met by class teacher Katie Hague who introduced her very enthusiastic class of 28 pupils. The class were studying their topic of “Heroes and Heroines” and were surprised to see that Bob and Tony looked nothing like Superman, Wonderwoman,the X-Men, Captain America, Spiderman or Thor.

Nevertheless the children had very clear ideas of what it takes to be a hero or heroine and that it was often ordinary people who did, when the circumstances arose, extraordindary things.

The children were enthusiastic and had prepared a list of questions for Bob and Tony to respond to and the visit was completed when the class were shown one of the Team’s new Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances.

Bob and Tony would like to thank Class 6 for inviting them to visit their school and to congratulate them all on their welcome, enthusiasm and good manners.