Team exercise has ‘Halloween Family Fun’ as its theme

This evening our regular Wednesday evening weekly exercise took on the theme of a ’Halloween Family Fun evening,’ with team members being joined by partners, their children and friends of the team, all to join in a fun exercise.

Organised superbly by Call Out list Member, Sam McKay, and Team Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, four team members families turned up at Knowle House Car Park, Lever Park, Rivington for the exercise.

These included former Team Chairman, Ken Oakes, his wife Barbara and their Grandson, Team Member Alistair Greenough his wife Alison and their daughter Hannah, Team Member Steve Nelson with his daughter and their family pet Boris, (The Teams’ Trainee Trail Search Dog) Team Member Paul Chisholm and his three children, Team member Naomi Horan and her cousin.

The evening started with each family forming a search party and then choosing the members of the operational membership present, that they wanted to assist them. With parties of eight in each team, everybody ventured into the grounds of Liverpool Castle, Lever Park, to undertake the exercise after a full briefing of what they were looking for.

First task was to find an object and write a four letter ‘scary’ poem about it……and so the competition started.

Next, each party member had to have a go at apple-bobbing in very deep buckets, which caused more than a few wet patches on team members, and a struggle to keep Boris out of the buckets!

Following this was a pumpkin face making competition, using only tool they has in their rucksacks and then to illuminate them.

And finally, a search for toffee apples within the walls of the replica of Liverpool Castle in Lever Park, …….with a race back to the control base at Knowle House Car Park.

Everyone returned to the car park to find liquid refreshments and hot dogs waiting for them where the best pumpkin face and the best dressed ‘Halloweener’ received prizes.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank all the families and friends that attended this evening and of course all our families and friends for their continuing support they show the team members and the team as a whole throughout the year.