Team members invited to British Red Cross Social Evening to give an insight into the work of the Bolton MRT

This evening Team Training Officer Elaine Gilliland and Team Call Out List Member Carly Raines were invited by the British Red Cross – Northern Division – to attend their annual social evening to give a talk on the work of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

The team has recently undertaken a Joint Exercise with British Red Cross Volunteers from the local area and the British Red Cross Fire Emergency Support Service vehicle (FESS) – please refer to website article of 14th September 2011 – and due to the success of this joint working and our continuing close liaison, the team were asked to give an overview to a wider audience of the British Red Cross.

Carly and Elaine, arrived at University of Salford Innovation Forum at 19:30 hrs, and were warmly welcomed by members of the British Red Cross and offered supper along with all the British Red Cross members attending.

After supper, a presentation was given by the Chief Executive, Northern Division, The British Red Cross, on Updates and Structure and following this was an awards ceremony for service achievements and a commendation for service. Both Carly and Elaine commented that it was an honour to be part of this ceremony.

Elaine and Carly then gave a presentation on the history of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, the services offered by the team to the Statutory Emergency Services and the local community, and the equipment, skills and training within the team. Various questions were asked by the British Red Cross members about the work undertaken and the commitment that each member of the team has to give.

After the team presentation, one of the British Red Cross FESS volunteers then gave an outstanding account of the joint exercise with the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team undertaken on 14th September 2011.

Carly and Elaine were thanked by all attending British Red Cross members for their contribution to the evening and then left the British Red Cross Volunteers to enjoy the rest of their social evening.

The team would like to thank the British Red Cross for the invitation to talk about the work of the team at their social evening and we look forward to further joint training and strengthening our existing links in the future.