Team receives two more Vacuum Mattresses / full length body splints, with thanks to MREW for the kind supply of one

Not previously reported on our website, was the recent acquisition by the team of two more full length Vacuum Mattresses / splints.

For a great many years now the team has had two of its Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances equipped with this vital piece of equipment, and we have used them on many operational incidents in a great variety of applications.

Such equipment is not carried by NWAS Emergency Ambulance Vehicles nor GMFRS, and sometimes we have even received emergency calls for just this specific piece of equipment from NWAS.

Recently with the purchase of three brand new Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, and the retention of one from our older fleet, we decided that all four current Land Rovers in use by the team should now be identically equipped, and so decided to acquire two more Vacuum Matresses.

Our national body, Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW) recently very kindly agreed to supply the team as a donation, with a new Vacuum Mattress as manufactured by Snowsled Polar Limited of Tetbury, Gloucestershire. (With thanks from the team to Richard Terrell, MREW Honorary Equipment Officer)

Another identical Vacuum Mattress was purchased via MREW (Again with thanks to Richard Terrell for his help with this purchase) by the team at a total purchase cost of £488.20.