Team trials new hand held search lighting from PELI Products (UK) Limited

The team has a current requirement to replace our hand held long distance search lighting units, which are now showing their age. (Plus lighting technology has moved on considerably since we purchased our current units)

These are not to be confused with the search torches that each team member is equipped with, and are of a much shorter light beam length. (And it must be said in a completely different price range to the long distance hand held units we need to replace)

We have a requirement for circa ten such units, with a purchase price of around £250.00 to £300.00 per unit. (£2,500.00 to £3,000.00 total estimated purchase costing)

We are currently trialing and evaluating a number of possible replacement lamp types, all kindly supplied for our test purposes by PELI Products (UK) Limited, with thanks to our friend and team supporter, Andy Hill, Business Development representative and Deborah Pye, Sales Co-Ordinator, both of PELI Products (UK) Limited.

Now the dark autumn nights are upon us, ’conditions’ are ideal for our purposes, and we are busy testing (Playing!) with our new lights.

The team would like to express thanks to PELI Products (UK) Limited for the kind loan of five different light units to undertake this trial / evaluation.

(Please also see website ’news’ articles dated Wednesday 10th August, Tuesday 19th July, Monday 18th July and Monday 27th June 2011 for details of other purchase made by the team from PELI Products (UK) Limited)