Team vehicle and Equipment Demonstration, Crompton children’s Centre, Chalfont Street, Bolton

This afternoon, our Team President Bob Hutchinson along with trainee members (well FULL members from the 4th of this month!) Paul Copley and John Dickinson went with Team Land Rover BM1 to a “Fun Event” at Crompton Childrens Centre in Chalfont St, Bolton.

The event had been coordinated by PCSO Ann Barrett and also in attendance was a GMFRS Fire Appliance from Bolton North Fire Station and a GMP vehicle which unfortunately had to leave in a hurry as the PC was called to an emergency incident.

We were warmly greeted on arrival by Information Assistant Julie McGuiness and PCSO Ann Barrett who supplied welcome mugs of hot tea (there was quite a cold wind blowing across the centre car park). It was not long before some mums brought their toddlers to look at the vehicle and sit inside it whilst the mums took photos on their mobile phones. After a short while the Fire Appliance arrived and stole our thunder a little.

John and Paul spent time putting the little ones into a casualty bag on the stretcher (two or three at one time, they were so small) for a little carry round and more photos by the mums.

More brews were provided by Leslie Lewis, Deputy Head of Centre and Russell Newton, Centre Assistant, with the Head of Centre Charlotte Mitchell coming out to say hello.

After the GMFRS Fire Appliance left we were back to being the main attraction (outdoors anyway) and the blue lights and sirens seemed to keep some amused.
The Team would like to thank the Centre staff and PCSO Ann Barrett for their kind invitation to attend and hope the children enjoyed their day.