Bolton Mountain Rescue Team selected as the Bolton Sports Federation Ladies” Rounders League Charity of the Year for 2011

Team member Diane Blakeley plays rounders as part of the BSF Rounders League. Between 1983 and 2010 the league has raised £96,134.72 for charity which is a fantastic sum of money. Last November Diane decided to nominate Bolton MRT to be the charity for 2011. Bolton MRT was one of seven charities nominated, all of whom were invited to present their case at the AGM to say why they should be selected. Diane made a successful presentation and the team was duly selected as the charity for the year.

Today Diane went along with team members Martin Banks and Paul Copley to discover how much had been raised. Tony Dawson had the unenviable but important task of staying with our Land Rover.

Every rounders team from the league was represented at the AGM as Chairman Glenda Parkinson announced the total monies raised for Bolton MRT over the year. Much to the delight and shock of Diane, Paul and Martin a total £4,700.00 had been raised. An added bonus was this massive amount meant that the total raised by the league since 1983 passed the £100,000.00 mark, a total of£100,834.72. It is an outstanding achievement in that year after year the members of the rounders league have raised tremendous funds to support the work of local charities. All of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to congratulate the league on their outstanding support for local charities.

Various fundraising events took place throughout the year including the Good Friday Sponsored Walk, Champion of Champions Tournament, Quiz night, Halloween Night, Pyschic Evening, Christmas Party and the end of season Presentation Evening. The team supported some of these events during the year including winning the quiz. A massive thank you to the League Officials, all those members and their families who supported events and a special thank you to all those people helped organise, plan and run events to raise funds for us including Mel Adamson, Denise Simm,Jackie Wright and Angie Hill. In recognition of this outstanding donation Diane presented a plaque to the League in recognition of their support and fundraising.

Following on from the AGM the cheque was taken to the teams Council Meeting which was taking place. Everybody was delighted to hear the news about this outstanding donation. Later on during the meeting a vote took place which agreed to purchase some new powerful lighting which can be used when the team are searching for missing people and during rescues that take place at night. It was agreed that a number of different types of lighting would be evaluated before a purchase would be made, it is anticipated the purchase of these lighting units will cost approximately £3,500. The remaining monies will then be put towards the purchase of our new Control Vehicle which is likely to cost in the region of £55,000.

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